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Web Design

In this technological era, a website with attractive design plays a pivotal role to escalate and improve your business presence on the web. Nevertheless, a web design is not all about providing a striking look to your website. In addition to being functional and user-friendly, it must serve as an interactive platform to know your customers’ unique needs and offer products and services accordingly.

We have an excellent creative team backed by state of the art tools and technology to design and develop stunning visuals on both web and digital media that would satisfy even the most design savvy clients. Our design team knows that your brand is unique, and hence will go extra miles to understand your offerings and create an intuitive, fantastic web design, which precisely reflects your brand values. We also cater to companies with their own design team, which though, don't deal with the web or digital media. With extensive experience of working with in-house design team, we help you to stay abreast of the challenges and endless possibilities in the digital platform.

Web Development

Web development is a broader term that involves the implementation of a wide spectrum of skill-set and technology for the creation as well as maintenance of websites or web applications. Majority of businesses are now conducted via internet. It is, therefore, significant for businesses to integrate up-to-date web technology with suitable web design and development in order to ensure their online success.

We are adept in working with ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, and a variety of open source such as DDN and MojoPortal and can handle even the most intricate or trickiest of web development challenges. From web applications development, ecommerce solutions for website, and human resources portals to the design of complex online application, we provide comprehensive services to improve your brand visibility on the web. We also are planning on customizing web applications for Facebook, mobile and various web portals such as a cruise booking system. Moreover, our web development services include the effective integration of website with social media platforms.

E Commerce Development

Every eCommerce website is designed with the prime objective of selling something. But only a few are able to attract potential clients and stay successful in the scenario. In fact, ecommerce is a highly perplexed field, demanding hands-on experience to put up a virtual store and control its day to day operations.

Are you a newbie baffling to take off your internet business or a veteran player looking for a professional to strengthen your online presence and boost your sales and profit? Then you can end your search at 3Gmet, where we strive to build business rather than a website.

Upon analyzing your business’s unique needs and reviewing all of the aspects as well as devices relevant to your online business, we deliver end to end eCommerce solutions that would perfectly jell in with the overall strategy of your online business. Thanks to our team who will combine their vast internet expertise, in-depth technical know-how, and creative talent to aid smooth conversions thus enabling clients to attain rapid and assessable outcomes and turn their brand eCommerce dream into a reality.

Mobile Apps Development

With the enhanced proliferation of advanced gadgets, mobile applications have now become an important segment of a business environment. A mobile application, also known as mobile app, simply refers to a software application designed to run on a variety of mobile platforms like smartphones, tablets, and other prominent mobile devices. However, mobile application is just beyond a mobile device, and is now considered an effective interaction paradigm to engage clients, employees, and business associates. Apparently, developing winning mobile user experience entails a service provider with in-depth knowledge in mobile technology, which would develop safe, seamless, and context-sentient application, thereby helping you to grab customer attention and boost the opportunities of improving sales as well as profit. Here comes the importance of 3Gmet.

We have the breadth and depth of potentials to deliver a full range of services to envisage, plan, design, develop, and integrate mobile application in line with your enterprise’s unique goals. Our team implements responsive methodologies and advanced technical tools to build mobile applications. This enables to enhance your employee productivity and transform mobile interactions into sales and revenues

Email Solutions

Email campaign has now emerged as a powerful marketing tool to endorse your business products and services and get connected with potential clients. This technique, however, is more than just forwarding a mass email advertising your brand and products. If it is not utilized in a compelling manner, email campaign can end up as a waste of time and exasperating for your customers. It is therefore vital to understand the most effective way to use this campaign system in order to pitch your clients and introduce your products and services.

When you choose us for your email solutions, you can be contented that you’ve elected the right partner to strengthen your company’s visibility in the online community. We endeavor to offer you exceptional email campaign solutions, and go extra miles to tailor an intuitive marketing plan that would hit your unique business targets while efficiently leveraging information and delivering significant content to the right person at the right time. Nevertheless, our specialties are far beyond usual email campaign services, and we constantly monitor the market to rule out inherent limitations and identify up-and-coming trends thus maximizing your return on email marketing campaign.

SMS Solutions

With an ever-increasing growth in the number of mobile phone users across the globe, most companies now use SMS campaign as a reliable technique to reach their products and services to potential clients and make big strides in productivity as well as ROI. From announcing the launching of a new brand and upgrade of services to introducing new offers and reminding you of discount offers and promotions, customers will be more happy than to obtain crisp, pertinent messages on their mobile phones, as they not only introduce them to the new products and services but also keep them abreast of the latest trends and technology. After all, the relevant polls reveal that more than 90% of recipients read the message at least once before they send it to trash. Another fact that nails its success is its relatively low advertising cost with huge response rate.

We offer managed SMS solutions to ensure one-on-one communication with your potential clients. From preliminary creative conceptions and designing of effective campaign plans to the development of precise, attention-grabbing short text messages and sending them in bulk to cell phones, our professional team with in-depth knowledge will handle everything to tap right customers via a SMS campaigning strategy that is most suitable for your business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Majority of consumers now rely on search engines, especially Google, Bing, and Yahoo, to decide on their preferred products and services. Apparently, it has become crucial for businesses to maintain their domains’ top page search engine ranking and drive maximum traffic to websites. An indispensable segment of internet marketing - Search Engine Optimization (SEO), though, is extremely complicated, and can be a huge task even for the savviest internet expert. From appropriate keyword search and pertinent content development and optimization to alteration of meta tag, strategic link exchange, and PPC advertising, SEO involves an overwhelming nexus of activities that should be handled with a professional and scientific approach.

One of our prime goals is to become an integral part of your successful online business strategy by delivering most feasible and profitable SEO solutions. Backed by an expert team of SEO specialists abreast of the latest internet marketing tools and techniques, we assure you of services that really works for your business. After all, our SEO packages are organic and centered on long-term results. Depending on the nature and size of your business, we bespoke services that would not only improve your search engine page rank and website traffic volume but also work in sync with search engines’ ever-evolving algorithms and theories

Social Media Optimization(SMO)

The success of a company now largely depends on how much you are active in the social media stream. Ironically, social media has evolved into the latest buzzword that can make or break your brand. This, in turn, has led businesses, from conglomerates and partnership ventures to new start-ups and entrepreneurs, to choose social media optimization as a sure-footed strategy to push and strengthen their business activities. After all, most businesses that already implemented an effective social media optimization technique have reported incredible surge in productivity and sales. About 50% of world population, particularly youngsters, dedicate more than 10 to 15 hours a week on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

  • Want to set up a social media platform but don’t know how or where to begin?
  • Already have a social media account but don’t get time to update or monitor it?
  • Are you on the look out of a professional service provider to guide you with most effective social media optimization plans?

If you have answered YES for the above questions, you have come to the right place. With a young, dynamic team that is pinned to the up-to-the-minute social media inclinations, we’ll take all steps to propel and spread out your products and services on the most significant social media channels thus giving a new lease of life to your brand. Together with an effective SMO package, our team will customize social media optimization campaign to suit such aspects as the nature of your business, geographic location of your targeted market, and statistic profile. As an outcome, it will for sure create a buzz around your offerings which eventually enhances your profit and bottom line.

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